H. G. Wells, War of The Worlds

Pocket Books Inc., New York 1953.
First Pocket Book edition. Jacket Design by A. Nozaki.

The planet Mars is nearing exhaustion, it’s dying. The Martians, decide to seize the young, bountiful planet Earth for their own use, regarding its current occupants as wholly dispensable. Landing in several locations in the south-east of England, they begin their conquest. Can man, with his most advanced nineteenth century weaponry (bear in mind, Wells wrote this book back in 1898) hope to stop the Martians with their much more advanced technology?

As one of the finest examples of nineteenth century fantasy-fiction, this book contains a gripping tale that masterfully combines horror and suspense.


Original oil painting and framed book


Orson Welles’ broadcast (October 30, 1938)

This live production by The Mercury Theatre, New York, became kown as ‘The Panic Broadcast’. Orson Welles adapted the original story, placing Grover’s Mill, New Jersey at the centre of the Martian invasion. The first two-thirds of the hour-long play is a contemporary retelling of events of the novel, presented as live news bulletins interrupting another program. Welles said that his intention was to have the broadcast appear to be a real event taking place at that time, rather than a mere radio play. He succeeded – and scared half of America out of it’s wits!

The quality of production is exceptional (far more convincing than Orson’s apology the following day)! It is well worth a listen. A copy of the original broadcast can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs0K4ApWl4g


Grover’s Mill, New Jersey: The site of the first Martian landing


It’s still here then!