Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Grosset & Dunlap, New York 1931.
Photoplay edition. Jacket Design by M. Tey.

This classic gothic tale was written by Shelley more than 200 years ago and tells the story of the natural philosopher Dr. Frankenstein and the monster he creates. The story itself is well known. A traveller in the frozen wastes of Russia chances upon a lone emaciated individual, Dr Frankenstein. He tells a harrowing story about his incredible discovery, the means of bringing inert matter to life. Having set about creating a living human, Frankenstein’s botched experiment has grim consequences. The creature, initially possessing a tender demeanour, becomes increasingly vengeful, scheming and murderous, as it becomes despondently aware of its own hideousness. Alone in the world and unable to communicate, the monster finally sets about trying to destroy its own creator. It is a truly magnificent, enduring and thought–provoking novel.